2 Hot Pakistani Dramas and 1 International Hit You Must Not Miss

If you are a dedicated fan of Pakistani dramas, you most certainly find it difficult to choose which ones of the many shows to follow. Consider some of the best shows at present. They have everything which you want to see from love and betrayal to laughter and tears. You should also check out one of the hottest international TV productions aired in the country. That way, you will definitely have the best entertainment experience.

Tum Mere Hi Rehna

This is one of the hottest Pakistani dramas of 2014. It tells the classic story of two young people who are in love and whose parents disapprove of their bond. The parents are going to fight and pose challenges in front of the young couple. It will be interesting to Dramacool  see the intrigues and how two people who are in love overcome them. The story is written by the renowned author Syed Wasi Shah. The beautiful Mikaal Zulfiqar is the star in this show.


Love brings a lot of happiness, but it does not necessarily make the lives of people easy. This is what this Pakistani drama is focused on. It tells the story of a young boy and a girl who are perfect for each other in every respect. However, they are forced to get married before they are ready for this. This poses many challenges in front of their relationship. They have to find a way to get along with their families and to integrate into the new environment.

Things are not going to be easy, but will love win after all? This is what you will find out if you watch Khata. The show is great in every respect and will certainly keep you glued to your seat.


This is a truly emotional drama telling the story of a young girl, Iffet, who dreams of marrying the love of her life – Cemil. While Iffet is hoping that Cemil will propose to her, his main goal is to share her bed. He rapes her and then tries to make up for what he did by proposing to her, but things do not go as planned. Iffet feels hurt and betrayed and takes on revenge. This is a great show with young and popular actors. It is interesting to follow and there is a lesson to learn from it too.


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