Do You Know the Kind of Tent and Sleeping Bag You Will Need This Summer?

You have always wanted to try camping. The thought of being in a secluded area, the sound of rushing water, the fresh air, the crystal clear nights with the stars shining bright, the smell of roasted marshmallows on a campfire. Escape from the fast paced city living. Then you think, what will I need? What do I buy?

Picking the right tent:

There are a few things to consider in choosing the appropriate camping tent. There are different sizes, shapes, material, and person capacity. If you are looking for a quality camping tent, then be prepared to spend some money. Some tent manufacturer’s offer high quality AKSOUL electric pump durable tent. Then there are the mid-price range, which you can get a good quality tent. Then of course the lower end camping tents in the market. Purchase upon your need and use.

When purchasing, first figure out the number of people who will be using it. This will generally determine the suitable size as well as the style. There are different styles to choose from; The dome style’s round shape offers wind resistance, and it is small and simple to set-up. If you are looking to sleep, 4 to 9 people, then consider the family camping tents . Some even come with wall partitions.

The umbrella style offers roomy head room for many people and is well-ventilated. Another style that can house many people is screen houses. Compared to the previous style, this offers first-rate ventilation. If you are a backpackers and camper, the A-frame style tent and backpacking tent are the ones to get because it is lightweight and simple to set-up. These come in varying sizes from 2 to 4 people capacities.

Something else to consider is the sort of conditions and elements the tent will be used in. This will help in determining the tents durability rating. For those on a budget and those who will be going to fairly good camping locations, the two-season tent is one of the cheapest in the market. The three-season tent is said to be the most popular because it is sufficiently durable to deal with rain throughout the seasons except winter. And for extreme weather conditions, the four-season tent is recommended. It is intended for heavier winds and snow compared to the previous style for this kind of tent is comprised of a higher class of fabrics and added poles for increased strength.

Now that I have shelter, what do I sleep in?

The Sleeping Bag

Heat loss is always a big problem, especially the heat loss through the sleeping bag opening, your shoulder area, and your head. The more close-fitting your sleeping bag is, the less volume of air there will be that has to be heated by your body.

Almost all outdoor sleeping bags are mummy bags. They snugly fit your entire body and if fully closed properly, these only leave your mouth and nose exposed to the outside air. By pulling the draw string on the hood of the sleeping bag, the air inside the sleeping bag is trapped inside, forming a good insulator. Mummy bags force you to sleep on your back, a sleeping position which may not be preferred by some people, and many people find mummy bags too claustrophobic. However, they are absolutely the best in cold conditions.

Many manufacturers give the dimensions of their sleeping bags in shoulder, hip, and foot girth. Special sleeping bags for women will have a slimmer shoulder and a wider hip area to ensure a snug fit.

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