After publication of your site, your primary focus should be driving traffic to your site. There are no alternatives, as every site must get the visitors. And visitors should be increasing in numbers, spend increasing time on the site and finally fulfill what that site is trying to achieve.

This is the case for every web owner out there. Now let us have look at which effective measures to take so that you can draw business to your site. Well, visitors are directed to your site from search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, MSN and so on. These are the major sites that have a large share of market space. Therefore, you do not have to focus on all of them. Select a few of the major search engines and optimize your site for them. For most major search engines, content amount is on of the major influencing factors in determining search ranking. In order to effectively rank on these sites you need to effectively market your site. Some effective measures are, article marketing, blogging and Google AdWords.

One should not focus on trying to drive worldwide traffic to your  메이저사이트 site, but rather focus on specific regions that are pertinent to your line of business. Once you have determined which regions you would like to target, you will then need to start an aggressive marketing campaign. While I have discussed in my other articles about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I just need to re-iterate how important it is. A very important factor that you need to factor into your business is Advertising by making use of Social Networking Sites. Have a close look at the social networking sites, you will soon see that in most cases they rank very HIGH in search pages. Making use of sites like MySpace, Facebook and even YouTube can be very beneficial to your site.

The last thing I would like to bring to your attention is research. Take the time to look into the market. Use search engines to check information on marketing ideas, SEO, Article Marketing and Blogging. You will soon find that a little bit of time researching can make a lot of difference on the content and effective measures of drawing business to your site. Always take into account that there are a lot of competitors out there and you are always looking for the edge. The value proposition of your business. That is what you need to market.



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