Starting A Painting Company

The process of starting a painting business is easy, just get an art brush as well as a ladder, bucket, and a pickup truck and you have an established painting business. Sounds simple right? It is a good method of looking at a painting but it’s the art of craft and trade that requires many years to master and starting your own painting business requires more than just declaring yourself a painter because you have an art brush and an automobile. If you’re here, I’ll walk you through the basic  this artilcle on CBS News  steps needed to begin and manage an authentic painting business.

7 Steps to Acquiring a Small Business

It is not necessary to be a professional artist or possess painting abilities for establishing a painting business however, it is helpful. It is essential to know how to operate a business within the local rules and regulations, as well as the key best practices for businesses to adhere to. At the beginning of any venture, it is essential to have insurance to protect you from unavoidable incidents that could financially ruin your financial position. Insurance covers you in the event that you cause a fire in a client’s house down, slip an object on their brand-new Bentley, or damage the cooktop that they have designed. I guarantee you that these kinds of incidents happen if you follow the news.

Insurance is an essential part of conducting business and is an expense that you shouldn’t ignore as soon as you step foot onto the property of your client. Potential clients who are smart will ask for insurance prior to beginning any work for them. It’s not common, however, it is a good idea to protect both sides. Basic liability insurance can be just one type but you can get more specific and get overspray insurance. A painter I have personally known would have saved the expense of detailing 200 vehicles after spotting overspray in downtown Boise when he painted the parking garage. After you have insurance, you will research local rules and regulations regarding whether you have to be registered or licensed as a painter within your local area.

In the state of Boise Idaho, you do not require a license to run an organization for painting. There aren’t any laws or regulations that require any type of certificate or qualification. One rule seems a bit odd, and that is that you must be a registered contractor with the State. It is easy to pay a $25 fee and complete a one-page form so that the State is able to keep track of you. The paper that you get is not important, however, when you don’t complete it, it could be an offense. Check your local regulations. Not required, but strongly recommended signing up with your neighborhood Better Business Bureau and or Chamber of Commerce.

Membership in such organizations is a way to establish your credibility and prove that you’re committed to holding your business to the standards the company demands. There is a cost to join, but over the course of 18 years, of running a painting business, I personally got work from these memberships, which covered the cost of the membership. There are many other methods to build credibility and the trust of potential clients, such as having a Facebook page or being listed included on Angie’s List to name a few. This is the beginning of advertising and marking, which I’ll discuss later. Now that you’ve got insurance you’ve got your license, and you have joined the Better Business Bureau so let’s make sure you have a business card as well as a car logo.


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