What Bridal Shower Favors Should I Pick?

Bridal Shower favors have evolved a lot over the last forty to fifty years. When I was a small child, the winner of the bridal shower game usually got to keep the household item. They where considered the Bridal Shower Favors. They arranged from a lot of different cooking utensils, to household cleaning products such as a toilet scrub brush, and the ever so popular a box of Hammer Baking Soda with a hand printed list of all its usefulness.

I remember when I was a small child my mother and the rest of the groom-to-be aunts gave his bride-to-be a family and friends a bridal shower. A lady who had children older than I was at the time, won one of the shower games and was tinkled pink that she won a toilet scrub brush; “Oh my,” she claimed, “I was just about to buy a new one, my old one that I received as a shower gift twenty years ago is losing all its bristles. This is wonderful, now I don’t have to buy a new one.”

Cleaning ones house has evolved into disposal materials that’s better for the environment. In fact a lot of woman don’t even clean their own homes, these days. I can imagine bridal shop hong kong a younger lady getting a regular old toilet brush for a bridal sho wer gift and not knowing what the thing was for.

So, what’s left to give out as bridal shower favors. Well you could get online and type in Bridal Shower Favors like I did and buy everything to theme soaps to little candles. You could give something out as elegant as wine stoppers to something as domestic as beer bottle openers. You can even give them heart shape measuring spoons for their own kitchen (if they cook and bake). My personal favorite for over indulging is the little monogrammed bags with any letter(usually the first letter of the bride-to-be’s new coming last surname)and filled with candies of your choice.

Or, you can go the same route I always did for the bridal showers I helped give to the brides-to-be in the past. I always found homemade bridal shower favors a more personal touch for the guest and for the bride and her mother and future mother-in-law. For insistence with a garden theme bridal shower, the favors could be a mix of flower seeds slipped into cellophane and the ends gathered together and tide with ribbon that also holds a personalize note from the bride or the bride’s mother or even written by the people that are giving the bridal shower. Just a simple thank you for coming to the bridal shower and making the day special for the bride-to-be and her mother.

The company called Pamper Chef also does bridal showers. The one I helped give I made twenty cut out cookies in five different shapes and20wrapped them individually in cellophane with color ribbon I attached the matching cookie cutter. The guest got to enjoy the bridal shower favor in two ways instead of one way. They got to eat the cookie and use the cookie cutter for their own baking. The quest that didn’t bake, I noticed they did two things; they kept the favor or gave it to a relative they knew loved to bake.

My mother always prefers the eatable bridal shower favors, especially the chocolate kind. However the problem with that bridal shower favor once the food item is gone my mother would throw away the container that held the food item. No matter if it held a personal note or the bride-to-be’s name.

Which brings us to that special bridal shower favor that the guest will want to hold on to for quite sometime. And the most famous question bridal shower givers ask is how much money do we want to spend. Of course it all begins with how many people are giving the bridal shower and how much money can they afford to spend. I personally have done the bridal shower where the bridesmaid gave the party. To the bride-to-be’s family live out of town, however the groom-to-be’s family lives in town so they give a bridal shower to the bride-to-be as a welcome to the family party. I find giving a bridal shower as the bridesmaid gives you less money to work with, since you already have pay over a hundred dollars for the bridesmaid dress, than another forty dollars for the shoes.


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