What to Ask Personal Injury Lawyers and Medical Malpractice Lawyers

With the world becoming more informed, it’s little wonder why many people are turning to the law for their grievances. If you feel you have a case that could qualify for personal injury or if you experienced poor medical care, it may be time to hire personal injury lawyers or medical malpractice attorneys to help solve your dilemma. The following are questions you can use when hiring one.

Is this what you really do?

Whether you’re hiring personal injury lawyers or any other بهترین وکیل ملکی در تهران  lawyer for the matter, you should always know if this is their bread and butter. Having a lawyer that truly specializes in your case can help your situation by leaps and bounds because you’re at least sure that your lawyer knows what he or she is doing. It can mean lesser delays and headaches especially when you have to file papers or if you have to meet the other party’s lawyer especially if there’s an offer for settlement. If your case ever gets to court, for example, you know that your lawyer will know the necessary procedures before and during the trial. In case the lawyer you interviewed tells you that he or she is mainly practicing a different law category, you can still consider that lawyer if you really think that the person can help you better.

What’s your win-loss record?

An injury lawyer or a medical malpractice lawyer should be able to discuss the number of cases won and lost so you get a clearer picture of things. While the win-loss record is a main indication of the lawyer’s strength, don’t make this as the sole basis why you’re going to hire that person. Many people would want to hire a lawyer with a higher winning rate of course, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask about settled cases. Sometimes, settled cases could yield better monetary results especially if you really need the finances for something important.

What’s your payment scheme like?

Clients have to realize that while many personal injury lawyers and other lawyers out there do want to help your case, they’re also there to earn a paycheck. Asking about the lawyer’s fee is necessary so you know how much this will cost you. If possible, be thorough and ask the lawyer if he or she can make payment arrangements for you such as paying a down payment now and paying the rest of the amount later or paying a specified amount after a case is over. This information will be vital particularly if you don’t have enough money on hand right now. While you may have reservations on discussing finances immediately, getting it done will help resolve issues faster so the lawyer can begin working for you.


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